Perfect for fine planeing work on soft and hard wood.

For better planeing results, remove small amounts.

Planer DH 40

An excellent machine for fine planeing work with a particularly smooth finish for hardwood and softwood work pieces. Perfect size unit for all kinds of applications, where precision to a fraction of an inch is needed.

The unit's load bearing components are all made of die-cast aluminum, with milled seats for bearings and spindles, being essential for vibration-free, smooth and clean planeing, guaranteeing maximum stability. The triple spindled table is milled to close tolerances and can be conveniently adjusted to 0.1mm (0.008") by a large zero adjustable hand wheel on top of the housing.

The cutter shaft has two HSS reversible cutters for a particularly long service life. Replacement of the cutters is facilitated by means of a generously sized service flap.

The planer has an automatic feed unit. The work piece therefore is only pushed by hand into the feed slot for a short distance. A knurled and spring-loaded roller then draws the work piece in, thus enabling even irregularly shaped pieces of wood to be planed. After passing the cutter shaft the piece of wood is pushed out at the rear by a rubbercoated roller to protect the surface of the work piece.

The unit has a dust-protected on/off switch with restart protection in case of power supply interruption.

Technical data:


110 - 120V AC, 50/60Hz

Max. Power

0.2hp (150W)


no = 6,000rpm

Feed speed

14.4ft per second (4.8m/min)

Max. pass-through height

1 37/64" (40mm)

Max. pass-through width

3 9/64" (80mm)

Length of planing table

9 1/8" (232mm)

Planing cutter length

3 7/32" (82mm)

Chip decrease

1/32" (up to 0.8mm)

Overall size

11 x 9 x 9 1/8" (280 x 230 x 235mm)


17.6lb (approx. 8.0kg)

Double insulated

NO 37 040

Replacement Cutters
Made from HSS, 3 1/4" (82mm) long.

NO 27 042     2 pcs