Unsurpassed versatility due to its long, slim head of die-cast aluminium. Made in Europe.

Long neck angle grinder LHW

For working steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, wood and plastic.

For cutting, rough-machining, grinding and carving wood. Special balanced, powerful, quiet and long-lasting DC motor. Stable head made of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE. A corundum grinding disc (grit 60), a fan sanding disc (grit 100) and a reinforced cutting disc are included. Safely stored in an attractive and extremely stable case made from polypropylene.

The heart of our MICROMOT precision tools for 230V: the direct current (DC) special motor.

For any job on the workbench we recommend the use of our mains-connected tools. They are light-weight, easy to handle (shorter) and not limited as to time of operation.

Technical data:
230V. 100W. 15,000rpm. Disc diameter 50mm with 10mm interval. Length 270mm. Weight 550g. Run down time less than 1 second. Insulated to class 2.

NO 28 547

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Storage case of high-grade polypropylene. Attractive design, very sturdy and large enough to put the machine back in the case after completing work, without having to "fumble". A label on the side identifies the contents.

Accessories for long neck angle grinder LHW

Corundum grinding disc for LHW
Used for de-burring, grinding, sharpening and derusting steel and non-ferrous metals. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 58560 grit

Silicon carbide grinding disc for LHW
Used on hard materials such as glass, stone, ceramics and even hardened steel. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 58760 grit

Corundum fan sander for LHW
For grinding tempered cast iron, cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, wood and plastic. Low wear-resistant. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 590100 grit
NO 28 591240 grit

Corundum bound cutting disc for LHW
With woven reinforcement, 50 x 1 x 10mm. For cutting steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 1555 pieces

Diamond-coated cutting disc
For fine cuts in hard materials such as glass, porcelain, ceramics and stone. Less heating up due to cooling holes. Ø 50 x 0.6mm. With 10mm bore.

NO 28 558

Diamond-coated cutting and roughing disc
For cutting, grinding and roughing of hard materials such as glass, porcelain, ceramics and stone. Less heating up due to cooling holes. Ø 50 x 1mm. With 10mm bore.

NO 28 557

Backing disc for LHW
Self-adhesive type, for use with corundum bound sanding discs and sanding fleece. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 5481 piece

Corundum sanding disc for LHW
Self-adhesive type, used on flat and convex surfaces. Ø 50 mm.

NO 28 549   80 grit   12 pieces
NO 28 550   150 grit   12 pieces

Sanding fleece for LHW
Self-adhesive type, used for cleaning, matting and sanding of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Also used for paint removal. Ø 50 mm.

NO 28 554   medium   5 pieces
NO 28 555   fine   5 pieces

Tungsten carbide rasp- and cutting disc
High stock removal in wood and soft materials. Cranked design for convenient shaping and modelling in wood, gypsum and horn (animal hooves). Less heating up due to cooling holes. Ø 50mm with 10mm bore.

NO 28 559

Rasp plate with metal burrs made from tungsten carbide for LHW
For model-making, cleaning and smoothing of wood, plastics and glass-fibre reinforced objects. No expenditure of effort is needed, easy and precise handling. Not suitable for metal processing.

NO 29 050

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The heart of our MICROMOT precision tools for 230V!

A comparatively more expensive direct current (DC) special motor with permanent magnet technology.

In relation to its size, the permanent magnet technology makes it very powerful, quiet and long-lasting. Due to its very high efficiency, this motor requires considerably less power for the same power output from the socket outlet than other commonly used motors.

Of course, when utilizing these motors our first concern is to produce small, slender tools with high performance. The outstanding ratio of current consumption:power output also contributes significantly to energy saving, thereby also protecting our environment !