New accessories for precision lathes
PD 250/E and PD 400.

Parting tool holder and tool

Used in the PD 250/E quick change system. Used to part stock and cut slots. The 12 x 3 x 85mm HSS tool contains cobalt. Spare tools available under NO 24 554.

NO 24 217

Spare tool for parting tool holder
As described above.

NO 24 554

Offset cutter set with carbide inserts
for PD 250/E and PD 400

Holder angled to the left by 45° for cylindrical carbide inserts Ø 6mm. For extra high surface quality and low surface roughness, for turning radii and cutting round grooves. Set includes two tungsten inserts, two insert securing screws and TX 8 key.

NO 24 5608 x 8 x 60mm (for PD 250/E)
NO 24 56210 x 10 x 70mm (for PD 400)

Carbide inserts (not depicted)
For the holders as described above.

NO 24 56410 pieces