Bits and cutters of industrial and dental quality: Cutting bits (all measures in mm).

For wood and fibre-reinforced plastics: Cutting discs

NO 28 838

Tungsten carbide cutting disc

Thickness approx. 2mm. For cutting and profiling wood, CFK, GRP, rubber, silicone. Cooling holes reduce heating up. Shaft Ø 2.35.

For wood, steel, stainless steel: Cutting discs


NO 28 808

NO 28 809

NO 28 818

NO 28 819

Aluminium oxide cutting discs with reinforcement

The cutting discs are available in Ø 22 x 0.8mm and Ø 38 x 1.0mm. Nearly unbreakable, making them usable to remove stock. Will cut alloyed, standard and stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and even wood and plastic. Arbor shaft of Ø 2.35mm.

NO 28 810

NO 28 812

NO 28 820

NO 28 821

Corundum cutting discs

Discs made of a special compound of diameter 22 or 38 x 0.7mm. Used to part alloys and metals, stainless steels and non-ferrous metals. Can also be used for cutting wood and plastic. Shaft of Ø 2.35mm.

NO 28 830

Cutting blades made of spring steel

0.1mm thick. For plastic, wood and non-ferrous metal. Shaft Ø 2.35mm. For freehand work, we recommend using the protective device NO 28 944.

For glass, ceramics, plastic: Diamond tools

NO 28 844

NO 28 846

Diamond-coated cutting discs with cooling holes

For cutting, grinding and deburring. Same application as described on the left. Less heating up due to cooling holes. No burn marks! Shaft Ø 2.35.

NO 28 840

NO 28 842

Diamond cutting discs

Only 0.6mm thick. For cutting and sanding of porcelain, ceramics, glass fibre boards, plastic and nonferrous metals. Shaft of Ø 2.35mm.