Bits and cutters of industrial and dental quality: Grinding bits (all measures in mm).

For steel, cast iron, HSS steels: Grinding points and discs


NO 28 774

NO 28 778

NO 28 776

NO 28 772

NO 28 781

NO 28 782

NO 28 783

NO 28 302

High quality corundum grinding bits

Bits and sets of fine, high quality materials of consistent hardness. Various shapes for the widest possible range of applications. For grinding and chiselling hard materials such as cast iron, cast steel, malleable cast iron as well as hard metal alloys and refined steel. Accurately dimensioned shafts of Ø 2.35 or 3mm ensure maximum concentricity.

Grinding rule:
Soft materials = hard grinding bits; hard materials = soft grinding bits!

For glass, ceramics, tungsten carbide: Grinding points and discs

NO 28 270

NO 28 272

NO 28 304

Silicon carbide grinding bits

Fine particles of consistent hardness for engraving and frosting of glass, ceramics and stellites. Also for grinding tungsten carbide, chilled cast iron and other hard steel alloys. Shafts Ø 2.35mm.