Bits and cutters of industrial and dental quality: Milling bits (all measures in mm).

For non-ferrous metals, plastic, plaster: Wolfram vanadium milling bits

NO 28 722

NO 28 727

NO 28 725

NO 28 724

NO 28 723

NO 28 726

NO 28 720

NO 28 710

Wolfram vanadium steel milling bits

Selected wolfram vanadium steel. Purpose-made stable construction with head and shaft out of a single blank. The precise flutes and optimal concentricity ensure best life expectancy. Ideal for freehand precision work. For use on hard and soft woods, non-ferrous and precious metals, as well as plastics and plaster of Paris. All shafts Ø 2.35 or 3.0mm. Ideal for milling, routing, shaping, profiling and slotting. For clean and powerful fitting of the milling bits we recommend the use of MICROMOT steel collets.

For steel, glass, circuit boards: Tungsten carbide milling bits

NO 28 750

NO 28 752

NO 28 758

NO 28 759

NO 28 761

NO 28 760

Tungsten carbide millers

Made of wear-resistant highly compressed fine-granular tungsten. Used for vibration-free milling of high accuracy dimensions. It is advisable to secure workpieces well, avoiding accidents. For milling steel, cast steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics and extremely hard materials. May be used for technical work, for engraving and milling of PC cards. Shafts Ø 3.0 or 2.35mm. Here also we recommend the use of MICROMOT steel collets.

NO 28 757

Rasp cutter

For cutting and milling tiles, stoneware, wood and plastics.