Bits and cutters of industrial and dental quality: HSS wood router cutters (all measures in mm).

For wood and fibreboard: HSS wood router cutters

NO 29 024
Slot cutter
Ø 3.2mm

NO 29 026
Slot cutter
Ø 4.8mm

NO 29 028
Slot cutter
Ø 6.5mm

NO 29 030
Rounding over
Ø 6.4mm

NO 29 032
Ø 6.5mm

NO 29 034
Combi cutter

NO 29 036
Core box bit
R 3.2mm

NO 29 038
Rebating cutter

NO 29 040
Edge cutter
with pin

NO 29 044
Angle cutter

HSS wood router cutters

For wood and fibreboard. Clean relief grinding for good work results and surface quality. High stability. Shafts 3.2mm.

NO 29 020

10-piece HSS wood router cutter set

One each: Slot cutter Ø 3.2 - 4.8 and 6.5, rounding over cutter Ø 6.4, V-slot cutter Ø 6.5, combi cutter 6.5/2.5, core box bit R 3.2, rebating cutter 6.4, edge cutter with pin 5, angle cutter 45°. Neatly packed in wooden box.

The wood router cutters offered here may only be used with working devices that have a safety or guiding mechanism. For example MICRO shaper MP 400 or router base OFV.