Supersilent with electronic stroke control.

Scroll Saw DSH/E

Practical quick tension release lever (ideal for frequent inside cuts).

This is the perfect machine for scroll saw relief projects, intarsia, precision mechanics, model building, toy and puzzle making, designs, architectural models, and restoration of antiques. Also, ideal for schools and training centers.

Even with its superior cutting abilaty, the DSH/E emits only a quiet hum while cutting wood up to 50mm (1 1/2"), plastic up to 30mm (13/16"), and non-ferrous metals up to 10mm (13/32"). The DSH/E also cuts effortlessly plexiglass, fiberglass, foam, leather, or cork. The free swinging saw blade holder takes standard saw blades with pin ends. However, blades without pin ends may also be clamped safely by means of a toggle screw. The slender saw arm allows for a clear view to the back of work piece, and a quick tension release lever (Fig. 1) is ideal for frequent inside cuts. The dust blower with adjustable nozzle ensures clear sight of the work piece and cutting line.

The machine base is made from solid cast iron with rubber feet minimizing vibrations (may also be bolted down). The table is extremely stable with a large work area of 14 5/32" x 10 1/2" (360 x 270mm) and can be tilted 45° for miter cuts (Fig. 2). Vacuum cleaner and dust extractor are side-mounted allowing for a dust-free environment. The machine comes with 5 coarse and 5 fine saw blades each.

Technical data:


110 - 120V AC, 50/60Hz


200W powerful special motor with electronic speed control keeping stroke speed constant under any load


200 - 1,400 strokes/min.

Stroke length

3/4" (19mm)


15 3/4" (400mm)

Cutting depth

2" (50mm), 1" (25mm) at 45° bevel

Overall dimensions

L 21" (53cm), W 10.5" (27cm), H 12" (30cm)


44 lb (20kg)

NO 37 090

  1. Practical quick tension release lever (ideal for frequent inside cuts).

The DSH/E is equipped with a vacuum-adapter, which makes it easier to keep your work area clean and dust-free.

Standard scroll saw blades with pin ends. 127mm.

Coarse-toothed (10 TPI)
For cutting soft and hard wood, plastics as well as other soft materials and especially thicker work pieces.
NO 28 741     5" (127 x 2.61 x 0.51mm)     12 pieces

Normal toothed (18 TPI)
For cutting thin materials, soft and hard wood as well as plastics.
NO 28 743     5" (127 x 1.86 x 0.24mm)     12 pieces

Fine-toothed (25 TPI)
For cutting non-ferrous metals, glass-fibre reinforced plastics, plastics, Plexiglas and wood.
NO 28 745     5" (127 x 1.76 x 0.25mm)     12 pieces

Spiral blade. 125mm long with plain ends (without pins).

These blades cut all directions and obviate the turning of the workpiece (advantageous, especially with bigger workpieces). A 1/16" (1.5mm) hole is required. Ideal for plastic, hard and soft woods.

NO 28 747     5" (125 x 1.2mm)     12 pieces

"Super-Cut" Scroll saw blades without pins. 130mm.

For cutting hard and soft woods, plastic, Perspex and soft non-ferrous metal.

Coarse-toothed blades, No. 9: 14 TPI
NO 28116     5.1" (130 x 1.50 x 0.48mm)     12 pieces

Standard-toothed blades, No. 5: 17 TPI
NO 28 117     5.1" (130 x 1.20 x 0.38mm)     12 pieces

Fine-toothed blades, No. 3: 34 TPI
NO 28 118     5.1" (130 x 0,77 x 0.34mm)     12 pieces

Hard materials such as steel and PERTINAX.

Standard-toothed blades, No. 5: 36 TPI
NO 28 112     5.1" (130 x 0.85 x 0.4mm)       12 pieces

Fine-toothed blades, No. 3: 41 TPI
NO 28 113     5.1" (130 x 0.75 x 0.36mm)     12 pieces

Very fine-toothed blades, No. 1: 50 TPI
NO 28 114     5.1" (130 x 0.6 x 0.3mm)         12 pieces