New MICROMOT accessories for rotary tools: Brass and Steel Brushes (all measurements in inch)

Stainless Steel Brushes, Cups and Wheels

For cleaning, brushing and cleaning stainless steel. Remove cinders and scales on stainless steel welding seams and soldering points. Can also be used on aluminium and non-ferrous heavy metal. Shaft Ø 2.35.

NO 28 955 Stainless Steel Brushes, 2 pieces
NO 28 956 Stainless Steel Wheels, 5 pieces
NO 28 957 Stainless Steel Cups, 2 pieces

Permit the brushes to work only with gentle contact pressure and at the recommended rotational speed! If the pressure is too high, the individual wires will be bent too strongly and afterwards straighten up again due to the centrifugal force. This excessive flexural fatigue stress of the wires on their seating promotes the notch effect. They are prone to breakage!