We have been producing PROXXON MICROMOT tools for almost 30 years. High quality fine power tools for model makers, instrument mechanics, form makers, tool makers, opticians, jewellers and more.

All the tools you need for delicate work. They are quiet, precise and vibration-free for extended use during hours.

The PROXXON range has over 50 machines and we are world leaders in miniature tools.

Our range runs from the Micro Engraver GG 12 ...

... to the PD 400 metal lathe at 45 kilo.

Everything we do has a quality edge!

This principle stands also for the PROXXON INDUSTRIAL tools. Forged, quality tools, manufactured to the highest standards for industry, workshop and the like.

Excellent quality and competitive prices have led the PROXXON INDUSTRIAL Sockets and Slim Line Spanners to take the lead in the industrial sector.

Sockets and other items are forged from Chrome Vanadium Steel 31 (CrV), offering consistent and deep hardness. High carbon content to ensure consistent hardness . Deep, uniform forging is fully guaranteed on the hex. drive side , to ensure that protruding studs do not present a problem. Thin-wall construction , for better access while maintaining strength for heavy work. Lead-in chamfer allows socket to slide over nuts easily. Machined fits on drive square allow ratchet to arrest properly. Beginning with the 19mm size the outer diameter , of the sockets is reduced on the drive square end for improved handling .

Optimum surface protection: Double nickel-plating and single matt-finished chrome-plating.

Our ratchets offer the very best life expectancy, even under extreme conditions.

Our sales headquarters in the "Industriepark Region Trier" in 54343 Föhren. From there we provide service to our distribution partners in more than 80 countries world-wide.

PROXXON  –  The fine tool company


Industriepark Region Trier
Dieselstraße 3 - 7
D-54343 Föhren

Phone: +49 (0) 65 02 - 93 17 - 0

Trade register
(County court Wittlich) Nr. 11204
UST Nr. DE 149921229


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