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General / Repairs

All PROXXON products are thoroughly inspected after production. Should a defect occur nevertheless, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product (please don't forget the sales receipt!). Only the dealer is responsible for handling all legal warranty claims referring exclusively to material and manufacturer error.

Improper use, such as capacity overload, damage due to outside influences and normal wear are excluded from the warranty.

Inside Germany: For necessary repairs after the warranty period, products may also be sent directly to our after-sales service. Please include a letter with all relevant contact details and a short description of malfunction. Please pack the product safely and return it freight prepaid to the following address:


Service Centre
Industriepark Region Trier
Dieselstraße 3-7
D-54343 Föhren / Germany

We will help you in a speedy, uncomplicated manner.

From outside Germany for necessary repairs of PROXXON products, please consult your dealer, our local sales agency or distributor. You will find these details sorted by country in POINTS OF SALE > Search for dealers.

For all other inquiries there are special forms in this service section, which will help us to attend to your matters in a speedy manner.