Brushless direct drive. A high accuracy machining system to mill, drill and bore. Made in Germany.

Milling machine FF 250/BL

Variable speed pre-selection from 400 - 6.000rpm. Digital speed indication. The headstock swivels through 360°, indicated on a scale.

230V-operation. The sophisticated control via rotor position and speed sensors guarantees high torque also in the lower speed range. Tool holder using multiple range collets type ER 16 (DIN ISO 15488). One each of 6 - 8 - 10mm are included. Solid plane-milled steel compound table with 3 continuous T-slots.

Technical data:
230V. 250W. 50/60Hz. Spindle speeds 400 - 6.000rpm. Throat 65mm. Stroke 30mm. Column 35 x 400mm. Table 270 x 80mm. X-travel 170mm, Y-travel 65mm. Dimensions 180 x 130mm. Height approx. 500mm. Weight approx. 17kg.

NO 24 114

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Clamping jaws, cutter and work piece are not included in the scope of delivery.

Multiple range collet type ER-16 (DIN ISO 15488)
For FF 250/BL and PF 250/BL. One of each Ø 2,4 - 3 - 3,2 - 4 and 5mm. Supplied in a wooden box with sliding lid.

NO 24 146

Fine feed for accurate adjustments during milling
For FF 250/BL und PF 250/BL. Quick and easy to install. The clutch system enables feed via either the drill handle or the handwheel. The handwheel has 0.025 graduations and may be set to zero. 1 division = 0.05mm.

NO 24 140