The smallest and finest in the world! For fine sanding work and most minute correction.

Table belt sander TB 50

Dust-free working: direct suction through the net sanding belt Mirka Abranet MAX.

Sands long edges, end sections, radii, mitres, and, by turning the workpiece overaccurate flat surfaces at right angles. Used on soft and hard woods, non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics (perspex and PC cards) and cork.

Sturdy, plane-milled table made of die-cast aluminium (210 x 145mm). Sanding belt tilting through 90°. Sliding angle stop for single- and double mitre cuts.

Powerful drive thanks to balanced DC-motor. Easy replacement of bands without need for tools as rollers are under spring tension. Fine adjustment of rollers prevents the belt from lateral roll-off. The compact and light design allows stowing away easily after work is done. Complete with angle stop, support table for contact sanding and one each net sanding belt with grit 100, 180 and 240.

Highly effective dust extraction: Thanks to the net sanding belt and the perforated sanding support dust is already extracted where it is produced.

Technical data:
230V. 50/60Hz. Sanding speed 400m/min. Belt dimensions 50 x 533mm. Size 250 x 200mm. Height 250mm. Weight approx. 5kg.

NO 27 030

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Support table for contact sanding.

Use the vacuum cleaner adapter to keep your work area cleaner. We recommend the use of our Automatic workshop vacuum-cleaner WSA.

Net sanding belts
Mirka Abranet MAX

Industrial quality. For dust-free sanding: Net structure enables direct suction through the sanding belt and cool grinding. Significantly increased lifetime compared to conventional sanding paper. Dimensions: 50 x 533mm.

NO 27 032100 grit    3 pieces
NO 27 033180 grit    3 pieces
NO 27 034240 grit    3 pieces