40 x 80mm capacity! The smallest and finest in the world!

Minute splinters can influence the usefulness of planed wood. Precision is even more important when working in miniature. The thicknesser DH 40 allows clean thicknessing as from 1.0mm material (in combination with an under-layer and double-sided adhesive tape).

Thicknesser DH 40

Load bearing components are all made of die-cast aluminium, with milled seats for bearings and spindles.

These characterics are essential for vibration-free, smooth thicknessing of soft and hard woods. Triple-spindled table (of die-cast aluminium, flat-milled) which can be accurately adjusted to 1/10mm by handwheel (zero adjustable). Automatic even feed with anti-kickback device: The knurled, spring-mounted infeed roller transports even irregularly shaped work pieces. A rubber-coated outfeed roller prevents marking the newly planed surface. Precision planer block with two HSS planer blades.

Technical data:
230V. 200W. 50/60Hz. Thicknessing up to 40mm thick and up to 80mm wide. Maximum depth of cut 0.8mm. Cutter speed 6,000rpm. Feed rate 4.8m/ min. Table length 232mm. Weight approx. 8kg.

NO 27 040

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Spare blades
For thicknesser DH 40. Made of HSS. Length 82mm.

NO 27 042     1 pair