For 50mm discs and brushes. With electronic speed control from 8 to 24m/sec.

The dust collector and vacuum cleaner adapter can be used. We recommend of our compact workshop vacuum cleaner CW-matic.

Grinding and polishing machine SP/E

The slim housing facilitates the grinding of long workpieces and includes an adapter to connect a vacuum cleaner to the unit.

The tool rests and eye guards are both adjustable. A spindle lock eases the changing of wheels and discs. Supplied with a 50 x 13mm corundum (grade N) and silicon carbide (soft compound) wheel for general grinding/sharpening and hard materials respectively. The right hand spindle accepts the polishing arbor, which is supplied as standard equipment.

Technical data:
230V. 3,000 - 9,000rpm. Wheels 50 x 13 x 12.7mm. Grinding speed 8 - 24m/sec. Weight approx. 1,200g. Size approx. 250 x 130 x 100mm.

NO 28 030

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Polishing set
Steel wire brush for de-rusting and cleaning steel and non-ferrous metals. Brass wire brush to polish non-ferrous metals and precious metals. Felt wheel is used on painted surfaces and the chamois and cotton wheels provide a high gloss finish on non-ferrous metals and precious metals.

NO 28 312     Complete set

Spare discs for the SP/E and BSG 220 (50 x 13mm)

Corundum (grade N).
With 12.7mm bore.

NO 28 308

Silicon carbide.
With 12.7mm bore. Soft compound for very hard materials.

NO 28 310