Compact and mains independent. For fast, reliable bonding of all types of work pieces.

Cordless hot glue gun HKP/A

With electronically controlled temperature (exactly 170°C) and short heat-up time.

For bonding of metal, wood, plastic (also Plexiglas), glass, ceramics, earthenware, cardboard, leather, foams and textiles. The adhesive sets after 30 seconds, depending on the material and the amount applied. Adjustments can be made within this time. 7mm glue sticks are particularly suitable for fine work. Sensitive mechanical feed. Integrated stand mechanism. The operating time of the 2Ah battery is sufficient even for larger projects. The USB charger 2.1A (included) charges the battery in about one hour.

Technical data:
3.6V. 2Ah. 170 °C. Weight 200g. 4 sticks 7 x 100mm are included.

NO 28 190

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Replacement glue sticks for HKP/A
Ø 7mm. Length 100mm. Colourless.

NO 28 194     12 pieces