Compact, light and well balanced. With an extra powerful drive for a high material removal capacity.

Belt sander BBS/S

Powerful special DC motor, quiet and long-lasting.

Left-justified band grinder, making it possible to process surfaces "right to the corner". Fine adjustment of rollers prevents lateral rolling off. Easy replacement of bands by means of a spring tension system without the use of tools. Housing is made of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE. Complete with screw clamp and with 5 x 150 grit and 240 grit grinding bands. Supplied in a practical case.

Technical data:
230V. 150W. Grinding band 40 x 260mm. Grinding surface 60 x 40mm, band speed 160m/min. Length 175mm. Weight 700g. Class 2 insulation.

NO 28 526

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Grinding bands made from high-quality corundum (aluminium oxide)
Mounted on a high-performance support. For the grinding of metal, non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics. 40 x 260mm.

NO 28 922   80 grit   5 pieces
NO 28 924   150 grit   5 pieces
NO 28 928   240 grit   5 pieces

Storage case of high-grade polypropylene. Attractive design, very sturdy and large enough to put the machine back in the case after completing work, without having to "fumble". A label on the side identifies the contents.

The BBS/S is also intended for stationary use. A screw clamp is included.

Five each 120 grit and 240 grit sanding belts are included.

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