Slim and light: A powerful DC special motor ensures a high cutting performance! Made in Europe.

MICRO cutter MIC

For cutting wood, plastics, glass fibre reinforced plastic, paper, cardboard, foils and similar materials. With 0.5mm cutting width.

Housing of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE. Gearing of tempered steel. The MIC makes it possible to "immerse" in the work piece surface (e.g. for cut-outs). The cutting disc guard moves up automatically during cutting.

Technical data:
230V. 40W. 20,000rpm. Maximum cutting depth 4mm. Cutting width 0.5mm. Weight approx. 300g. Insulated to class 2.

NO 28 650

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With screwdriver for saw blade replacement.

Video MIC

Replacement cutting disc for MICRO cutter MIC
Made of spring steel (hardness 55 HRC). With cleanly ground crossed teeth.
23 x 0.3mm. With 2.6mm bore.

NO 28 652

Diamond-coated cutting disc for MICRO cutter MIC
With cooling holes: For cutting porcelain, ceramics, plastics, glass fibre reinforced plastic and PC cards. 23 x 0.6mm. With 2.6mm bore.

NO 28 654