Cordless random orbital polisher EP/A. Made in Europe.

Cordless random orbital polisher EP/A

The 11mm stroke of the polisher allows for hologram-free polishing on painted and uncoated metal surfaces without heating.

Continuously variable speed control and balanced special motor, powerful, quiet and long-lasting. Quiet planetary gear in die-cast aluminium housing. Main housing of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE with soft component.

With plenty of accessories such as:
Rubber backing disc with hook and loop fastening, polishing sponge (medium hard), lambswool polishing disc, polishing felt (medium hard), 12 sanding discs K 2000, microfibre cloth and spanner for tool change. Set includes lithium-ion-battery Li/A2 (10,8V) and rapid battery charger LG/A2.

Technical data:
10.8V. Spindle speeds 1,100 - 2,600rpm. Eccentric stroke 11mm. Length 305mm. Weight 950g (incl. battery).

NO 29 835

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Supplied in a storage box of high-grade polypropylene including the selection of accessories for immediate use.

Cordless orbital free-running polisher EP/A
As described above, including accessories, but without battery and rapid charger. Packed in cardboard box.

NO 29 837

  • High quality 10.8 V lithium-ion battery with 2,6 Ah. State of the art!
  • Charged battery will hold up at least 30 minutes even at maximum power use. No other cordless machine in this power class will do more!

The flat end cap of the battery enables the tools to stand upright as well.

The MICROMOT lithium-ion battery system: One battery and one rapid charger only for now already eight professional tools:

Eight power tools - one system!

Rapid battery charger LG/A2
Charges the PROXXON lithium-ion battery Li/A2 in one hour. With integrated temperature control. LED signal light: Yellow = charging, Green = charged.

Technical data:
Input 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz. Output 12.6V, 2A. Weight approx. 340g.

NO 29 880

Lithium-ion battery Li/A2
For long and durable powerful operation of our MICROMOT cordless tools. With integrated temperature control for safe operation.

Technical data:
Voltage 10.8V. Capacity 2.6Ah. Length 85mm. Weight 180g.

NO 29 896

Accessories for polishers WP/E, WP/A, EP/E and EP/A (Ø 30mm and Ø 50mm)

Foam backing pad
With hook and loop fastening.

NO 29 074Ø 30mm
NO 29 098Ø 50mm

From of our professional set for finish grinding and polishing (NO 29 070) - now available individually: Professional polishing sponges
For applying the polishing emulsion to painted and uncoated metal surfaces and for subsequent polishing. With hook and loop fastening. Ø 30 x 25mm. Conical.

NO 29 0762 pieces hard (white)
NO 29 0772 pieces medium (yellow)
NO 29 0782 pieces soft (black)

Wave-edged sanding discs
From silicon-carbide. For adding finishing touches to paint or removing varnish runs and inclusions, especially in the automotive sector (spot-repair). Ø 30mm.

NO 29 08212 pieces grit, 1,000
NO 29 08412 pieces grit, 2,500

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The heart of our MICROMOT precision tools for 230V!

A comparatively more expensive direct current (DC) special motor with permanent magnet technology.

In relation to its size, the permanent magnet technology makes it very powerful, quiet and long-lasting. Due to its very high efficiency, this motor requires considerably less power for the same power output from the socket outlet than other commonly used motors.

Of course, when utilizing these motors our first concern is to produce small, slender tools with high performance. The outstanding ratio of current consumption:power output also contributes significantly to energy saving, thereby also protecting our environment !