Bits and cutters of industrial and dental quality: Diamond grinding bits, drills and cutting discs (all measures in mm).

For glass, ceramics, plastic: Diamond tools

NO 28 230

NO 28 232

NO 28 234

Ball-shaped diamond-coated grinding bits for glass and stone

For drilling and machining of glass and types of stone reaching to granite. Recommended for use on drill presses with a speed of 2,000rpm with the addition of coolant. Shaft Ø 2,35mm.

NO 28 255

Diamond twist drills

For drilling holes in (semi) precious stones, etc. Shaft Ø 2.35mm.

NO 28 240

NO 28 250

NO 28 212

NO 28 222

Diamond grinding bits

With consistently even coating of diamond dust. Bodies and shafts made from stainless steel. Used for grinding, engraving and chiselling steel (even chrome-cobalt alloy), glass, ceramics, porcelain and plastics. All shafts Ø 2.35mm.

NO 28 844

NO 28 846

Diamond-coated cutting discs with cooling holes

For cutting, grinding and deburring. Same application as described on the left. Less heating up due to cooling holes. No burn marks! Shaft Ø 2.35mm.

NO 28 840

NO 28 842

Diamond cutting discs

Only 0.6 thick. For cutting and sanding of porcelain, ceramics, glass fibre boards, plastic and non-ferrous metals. Shaft of Ø 2.35mm.