Product merchandising

Merchandising MICROMOT Fine Power Tools – The System within the System!

The complete assortment of high quality tools for intricate projects. A space-saving display system designed for clear product presentation. Show your customers that you know tools – show compentence!

MICROMOT Competence Display I,
the complete assortment for 3 panels of each 1.25m width.

MICROMOT Competence Display II,
the right choice for two panels of each 1.25m width.

Our tool holder for shelf or counter - each unit finds its place. A neat display solution to increase your sales. Tools can be removed to view and handle and put back easily. No cords to tangle as they can be pulled through underneath the display.

Please order the acrylic tool holder for 4 tools of your choice using article-no. 95 220.

MICROMOT Basic Display

An extremely space saving display (no competence selection).

MICROMOT Basic Display
for one panel of 1.25m width.

Featuring the most popular tools and best-selling accessories. Non-listed items can be ordered and will be delivered within days.

You will attract and win regular customers from a multitude of fields of interest and create trust.

Modellers, precision engineers, mould and die makers, musical instrument makers, restorers of antiques, jewellers, designers, architects, school and training workshop staff, opticians and dental technicians.

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