Bits and cutters of industrial and dental quality: Selected Sets for many applications.

NO 28 285

10-piece complete polishing set

For polishing metal, glass, precious metals, porcelain and plastic. Consisting of 3 felt polishing bits (cylinder, cone and wheel shapes), 3 silicon polishing bits (bullet, cylinder and disc shape), cotton polishing disc, chamois buffing wheel and polishing paste. Includes mandrel.

NO 28 910

13-piece set for model makers

For cutting, grading, milling, polishing and drilling. 1 fine milling bit each of 2.3mm (3/32") ball shape and cylinder shape. One white corundum grinding bit each of 5mm (13/64") ball shape and cone shape. One micro drill each of 1mm and 2.3mm (3/64" and 3/32"). 5 separating discs Ø 22mm (7/8"). One Ø 22mm (3/32") saw blade and Ø 2.35mm (3/32") arbor.

NO 28 920

4-piece glass working set

2 diamond grinding bits and 2 silicon carbide grinding bits. For engraving, grinding or frosting glass. Diamond bit 1: ball Ø 1mm (1/32"), diamond bit 2: ball Ø 1.8mm (5/64"), silicon carbide bit cone 3/2 x 5mm (5/64" / 1/6" x 13/64"), and bullet 2/2.5 x 7mm (5/64" / 7/64" x 9/32"). All shanks Ø 2.35mm (3/32").

California Residents Prop 65 Information

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