Effortless screwing - easy on your wrists. For 1/4"-standard bits. Including USB-port and charger.

  1. 1/4" standard bit receptacle (6.3mm).
  2. LED light.
  3. Push buttons for anticlockwise and clockwise rotation.
  4. USB-port.
  5. Ergonomically shaped grip with soft component.

1/4" standard bit receptacle (6.3mm).
LED light.
Push buttons for anticlockwise and clockwise rotation.
Ergonomically shaped grip with soft component.

Cordless screwdriver ASD (3.6V)

Quick electrically supported screwing and precise tightening by hand up to 5Nm.

Cordless screwdriver for 1/4" standard bits. Ideal for threaded bolts (e.g. metric threads acc. to ISO). Electric drive for quick, effortless screwing. Final, precise fastening "by hand" up to 5 Nm due to self-locking mechanism. Bolt and bit are safely held by a strong magnet. A tool change from the cordless screwdriver to a conventional one is not necessary. The battery with 2Ah capacity provides enough energy also for bigger projects and longer operation. Including 12 standard bits of industrial quality (3 in extra-long version).

Technical data:
Li-ion cell: 2Ah (integrated)
USB charger: 1.5A
Weight: approx. 200gr. (without cable and USB adaptor)
Length: 180mm
Diameter: max. 42mm
Speed: 250/min
Max. torque: 1.8Nm
Manual operation:    to 5Nm

NO 22 295

1.5A USB-adaptor (included) charges the battery in approx. one hour. For use on all USB ports, e.g. in the car on the way to the next job.
Including 12 standard bits of industrial quality.
Ideal for threaded bolts (e.g. metric threads acc. to ISO).

Manufactured using most modern production technology in the world's largest cold forging hand tool factory.

The ratchet - the key item:
Made from CrV steel in one single piece. Hardened and with perfect toothing: several of the 52 teeth engage simultaneously for transmitting extremely high torque. Quick release mechanism: releasing sockets at the push of the button. Optimum surface protection: twice nickel plated then chromed in matt finish. Non-detachable handle made from oil and acid-resistant TPR (thermoplastic rubber) with hanging hole.

The PROXXON driver system:
The driving force is applied to the flanks, not the corners. This ensures high power transmission without damaging the corners of the nut or bolt.

Screwdriver bits:
With CrV socket .
The drive bits are all an optimum combination of chrome-siliconmanganese-molybdenum steel .

All bits and accessories are forged using 31CrV steel. High carbon content to ensure consistent hardness. Deep, uniform forging is fully guaranteed on the hex. drive side to ensure that protruding studs do not present a problem. Thin-wall construction for better access while maintaining strength for heavy work. Lead-in chamfer allows socket to slide over nuts easily. Machined fits on drive square allow ratchet to arrest properly. Beginning with the 19mm size the outer diameter of the sockets is reduced on the drive square end for improved handling . Optimum surface protection: Double nickel-plating and single mattfinished chrome-plating.

Socket sizes easy to read due to laser marking!