Workshop special set: With forged, short tubular hexagon box spanners and externally gripping ratchet.

14-piece special set 13 to 27mm.

Ideal when working on steering gears and torsion bars (mostly 17 and 19mm) as well as shock absorbers (22mm) and alternator/fan belt pulleys (24mm).

With reversible ratchet, TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grip, 55mm extension (open construction as well) and adapter with 1/2" square (12.5mm). In robust steel box (powder coated) with strong plastic tray.

NO 23 604

Fitting shock absorbers usually requires a 22mm socket.

The pulley on an alternator will usually have a 24mm nut.

The solution to your problem: Open ratchets and sockets allow bolts and studs to protrude.

The Driver-System: The driving force is applied to the flanks, not the corners.