Compatible with MF 70/CNC-ready, FF 500/BL-CNC-ready and for universal use.

CNC-Control Unit CU 4

For operating CNC lathes and milling machines with up to four axes. Ready for use, powerful and safe.

Free choice of CNC-software: e.g. MACH3/4 (milling or turning), Estlcam (milling) may be used for operation via parallel-port (if necessary with use of LPT-adaptor). Four powerful micro step drivers (norm-interface SUB-D 9-pole) always provide enough energy for any machining processes. One feedback signal (e. g. limit switch) each for each axis.

Switching relay for 230V-outlet (IEC-socket and protective contact socket) for spindle powering or special functions up to 2,500W.

Solid main housing made of 1.2mm steel plates (powder-coated) with large grooved rubber mat for tool storage.

Technical data:
230V. 50/60Hz. Dimensions 330 x 300mm. Height 100mm. Weight approx. 4.5kg. Insulated to class 1.

NO 24 900

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Initialization files for PROXXON milling machines

With INI files, machine-specific parameters can be quickly and easily read into the software.

INI files are available for download for the CNC software listed below.


MF 70/CNC-ready
NO 27 112
FF 500/BL-CNC-ready
NO 24 364