With a diameter of 37mm and just 270g it offers convenient handling second to none in its class!

Mill/drill unit MICROMOT 230/E

Packed in an attractive plastic case. Including 34 industrial quality bits and cutters and 6 MICROMOT steel collets.

For drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, brushing, cutting, and engraving. The extremely slim housing (of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE) with a soft component grip area enables the unit to be handled with two fingers (pen grip).

With a diameter of only 37mm and a weight of just 270g it offers convenient handling second to none in its class! Balanced DC special motor. Quiet and extremely long-lasting. Electronic speed control for speeds from 6,000 to 22,000rpm. Ground, ball-bearing spindle. High quality MICROMOT steel collets: Even the smallest shafts are accurately clamped. No rattling or vibrating of bits and cutters. Spindle for tool exchange can be locked at the push of a button. 20mm standard collar for use with MICROMOT drill stands and horizontal stands. Including 34 industrial quality bits and cutters, 6 MICROMOT steel collets (1 each of 1 - 1.5 - 2 - 2.4 - 3 and 3.2mm). Everything finds its place in the attractive plastic case.

Technical data:
230V. 80W. 6.000 - 22.000rpm. Weight 270g. Insulated to class 2.

NO 28 430

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Mill/drill unit MICROMOT 230/E, available individually
As described above, with 6 MICROMOT steel collets. But without bits, cutters and case. Packed in a cardboard box.

NO 28 440

Suitable accessories:
Bits and cutters of industrial and dental quality

Video MICROMOT 230/E

MICROMOT steel collets are hardened and thus have a high, consistent flexibility. They also maintain prolonged accuracy, even after regular use (not to be compared with unhardened, 4-slit collets and those made of brass or aluminium). The triple slit collet, which is much more difficult to produce than the 4-slit type, offers a much better load-bearing surface. This is especially important for the centrical clamping of cutters with small shaft diameters.

The heart of our MICROMOT precision tools for 230V!

A comparatively more expensive direct current (DC) special motor with permanent magnet technology.

In relation to its size, the permanent magnet technology makes it very powerful, quiet and long-lasting. Due to its very high efficiency, this motor requires considerably less power for the same power output from the socket outlet than other commonly used motors.

Of course, when utilizing these motors our first concern is to produce small, slender tools with high performance. The outstanding ratio of current consumption:power output also contributes significantly to energy saving, thereby also protecting our environment !