MICROMOT mains adapters: safe and efficient power sources for MICROMOT low-voltage tools.

MICROMOT mains adapter NG 2/E

NORYL casing (heat resistant - a necessity for transformer enclosures).

Polarised socket for MICROMOT plug. Red LED indicates readiness for use. PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) element prevents overload (and plugged in tool will not automatically restart). After cooling down the mains plug should be disconnected briefly to reset the adapter. With holes for storing bits. Foldable tool rest provides a secure place for keeping the MICROMOT tools at the ready. Variable speed control with feedback effect for adjusting bit speed to suit the job, as well as providing high torque at low speeds.

Technical data:
230V. Supplies 2A at 16 Volt open circuit and 12 Volt under load. Weight 1,000g. Class 2 insulation.

NO 28 707

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MICROMOT mains adapter NG 2/S

Without electronic speed control, otherwise exactly as mains adapter NG 2/E.

NO 28 706

Power consumption of hand-held power tools is measured according to the internationally accepted ICE-745-1 specification. The current drawn is measured, not the power consumption with a hot motor just before stalling. In practice, this condition seldom appears, if ever. All PROXXON mains adapters are suitably dimensioned for the recommended purposes.

The adapters do not include the illustrated mill/drill units.