MicroSpeeder ratchet spanners. No swapping over of the spanner: a real time saver.

A very slim head provides shelter
to the fully encapsulated drive.

Compact design allows for minimal
outer dimensions (A+B).

Double ring MicroSpeeder in straight, slender design. Ideal for inserting into tight spaces.

Often used for demounting engines, working on automatic transmissions, rear axles, etc. Ratcheting function with 72-teeth inner gear ring, made of high alloy special steel allowing ratcheting even when the spanner can only be moved through 5°. Shaft of CrV steel with optimum surface protection: double nickel-plating and single matt-finished chrome-plating. With durable laser marking and easy-to-read sizes.

NO 23 241 Size 8 x 9
NO 23 243 Size 10 x 11
NO 23 244 Size 10 x 13
NO 23 246 Size 12 x 13
NO 23 247 Size 14 x 15
NO 23 249 Size 16 x 18
NO 23 250 Size 17 x 19
NO 23 252 Size 22 x 24

Where old generation
spanners cannot be repositioned
the Speeder’s ratchet function
takes over.