For left- and right-hand threads, especially on bicycles and motorcycles.

MicroClick torque wrench MC 60-Multi. 12 - 60Nm.

The open-end spanners enable lateral access for tightening screws and sleeves on pipe connections, hydraulic systems and threaded rods.

Automatic quick release: Clearly audible and palpable click signal when selected torque is reached. Piece by piece calibration and inspection for high accuracy according to ISO 6789 (+/- 3 %) with certificate of conformity. 10 open-end spanners, made from CrV steel, in sizes 10 - 19mm. Ratcheting head with 3/8"-square drive (10mm) and 4 screwdriver bits with 3/8"-drive (10 mm) for HX 5 - 6 - 7 and 8mm with CrV sockets and bits of special steel. Packaged in a sturdy plastic storage case.

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NO 23 341

The MC 60-Multi is a precision tool. It is packaged in a sturdy and practical plastic storage box.

Tightening torques for bolt shanks with standard metric threads (DIN 13, Part 13) and head contact dimensions (DIN 912, 931, 934). The coefficient of friction was determined using an untreated and unplated bolt (ungreased, lightly oiled).