Hinged MicroSpeeder with self positioning ring head, tilting through 90° to both sides.

7-piece Hinged MicroSpeeder set.

No swapping over: a real time saver! Extra long design.

The 72-teeth inner ring gear made of special high alloy steel allows ratcheting even when the spanner can only be moved through 5°. Nevertheless, the torque transmission capacity far exceeds the DIN/ISO standards. CrV steel shaft with optimum surface protection: double nickel-plating and single matt-finished chrome-plating. Socket sizes easy to read due to laser marking!

The self positioning action of the hinged ring side substantially reduces work load, while its flexibility and durability remain unmatched. The self positioning action of the ring is ideal for tight locations.

One each 8, 10, 13, 16, 17, 18 and 19mm of the long version, in a sturdy powder coated steel box.

NO 23 068

Hinged MicroSpeeder, individually

NO 23 045 Size 8mm
NO 23 046 Size 9mm
NO 23 047 Size 10mm
NO 23 048 Size 11mm
NO 23 049 Size 12mm
NO 23 050 Size 13mm
NO 23 051 Size 14mm
NO 23 052 Size 15mm
NO 23 053 Size 16mm
NO 23 054 Size 17mm
NO 23 055 Size 18mm
NO 23 056 Size 19mm
NO 23 058 Size 21mm
NO 23 059 Size 22mm
NO 23 061 Size 24mm

Inversible joint: Unbeatable
in tight places!

Compact design allows for minimal
outer dimensions (A+B).

Where old generation
spanners cannot be repositioned
the Speeder’s ratchet function
takes over.

A very slim head provides shelter
to the fully encapsulated drive.